Notable Press/Media

“Lou Evans expresses music through his incredibly unique vocal characteristics, passion and good vibes. He is definitely one to watch out for in the music business. Very rarely do you find such a unique talent crossed with such a good human being. I’m a fan.”
Billy Galewood- aka Bushwalla-co-songwriter of Jason Mraz/Entertainer

“San Diego’s musical melting pot was further stirred with the addition of Northern California transplant, Lou Evans. At San Diego’s Stage Bar and Grill, Evans dared the audience to harmonize with him on Marvin Gayes’“Sexual Healing.”.. ..a couple adventurous souls attempted to harmonize. The singing may not have matched Evans’ vocal ability, but the interaction from the audience made for a very entertaining acoustic show.
Erica Luib- San Diego Cover Bands Examiner

“I cannot say enough about Lou Evans. I’ve had the honor to see his talents FLOURISH. On-stage, on-camera, and on-air. This man is a vocal powerhouse and has the RARE ability to make every single person around him feel happy. He just is that kind of guy. BEYOND excited to see what’s next for him!”
Sandy Stec-Morning Radio Host, Star 101.3 in San Francisco

“Lou Evans’ voice evokes a kind of electricity. When he sings, it’s as if a strong current is emanating from the deepest parts of him and out to all who are listening. His music grabs you, commanding your attention with its confident, soulful intonations.”

Rhoda Shapiro-Author, Milpitas Beat, Actress, Screenwriter.